Watch Here In Case You Missed The Planets Align

Skywatchers were treated to breathtaking views this morning when Venus and Jupiter rose in conjunction. Those who missed the spectacle can watch the video here.

Venus and Jupiter rose within 0.3 degrees of each other this morning (November 13) – about half the diameter of the Moon when viewed from Earth.

The video above shows the two worlds glowing as the Sun begins to rise over the UK.

Venus can be seen higher on the horizon than Jupiter and appears fractionally larger than the its gaseous cousin.

However, this is only because it is about 365 million miles closer to Earth than Jupiter – the largest celestial body in our solar system excluding the Sun.

Conjunctions are made possible when Venus and Jupiter share the same east to west longitude in the sky, according to

Despite being some 416 million miles apart, the astronomical phenomenon makes it appear as if the two planets are orbiting side by side.

Anyone disappointed that they missed the display should not despair, as the planets are set to rise together again tomorrow (November 14).

Jupiter will be the first to break the horizon this time, becoming visible at 6.01am. Venus will follow closely at 6.05am.

They will be further apart than this morning, with Jupiter starting to drift out of sync. report: “By Tuesday, Jupiter will have pulled away, appearing more than a degree to the upper right of Venus.”

As with all astronomical events, the conjunction will be best viewed in a rural location away from any light pollution.

Those hoping to catch a second glimpse are advised to find a viewing spot with a clear horizon, preferably on top of a hill or balcony.

Unfortunately, viewing conditions on Tuesday will not be as clear as this morning.