New Pharaoh Found in Egypt: Photos

Explore photos of a newly found pharaoh, his sarcophagus and tomb.

Archaeologists in Abydos, Egypt have discovered the tomb and remains of Woseribre Senebkay, a previously unknown pharaoh who reigned more than 3,600 years ago.Dating to about 1650 B.C. during Egypt’s Second Intermediate Period, Senebkay’s tomb lay close to a larger royal sarcophagus chamber, recently identified as belonging to a king Sobekhotep (probably Sobekhotep I, ca. 1780 B.C.) of the 13th Dynasty.Badly plundered by ancient tomb robbers, the tomb of Senebkay is modest in scale. It consists of four chambers with a decorated limestone burial chamber. viously unknown pharaoh who reigned more than 3,600 years ago.A painted scene in the burial chamber shows the goddesses Neith and Nut, protecting Senebkay’s shrine.The skeleton of Woseribre Senebkay, who appears to be one of the earliest kings of a forgotten Abydos Dynasty (1650–1600 B.C.) was found in a four chamber tomb amidst debris of his fragmentary coffin, funerary mask and canopic chest.Although robbers ripped apart Senebkay’s mummy, Wegner’s team was able to recover and reassemble the pharaoh’s skeleton. Preliminary examination indicates he was about 1.75 m (5’10) tall, and died in his mid to late 40s.