Jupiter Sized Object Seems To Have Collided With The Sun

A mysterious huge UFO has been seen skidding off the moon’s surface.

The huge UFO was captured by the Solar Observatory spacecraft and many researchers have been left speechless wondering what it is.


The huge UFO takes on the appearance of three semi-transparent rings and it seems to be around the same size as the Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system. The images captured reveals the strange object crashing into the surface of the sun and it then ricochets and continues on its way away from the sun. According to the researchers what is strange about it is the reaction the sun has just moments after it has made an impact as the sun seems to glow brighter in reaction to the object hitting it.

The images were taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory spacecraft. The spacecraft is run by the European Space Agency and NASA jointly and it seems that the huge object was hovering very close to the surface.


The appearance of this object is not the first time that a UFO has been said to have been seen close to the sun. On many occasions, NASA has dismissed strange anomalies and said that they are nothing more than just specks of dust or lens flare on the camera lens. What was different this time around is that the UFO does seem to create some type of energy in the sun when it comes close to it.

Occasionally NASA has said that they do not have any idea as to what the strange objects are. In 2012 another big UFO was seemingly draining energy away from the sun and as yet it has not been debunked.

There are some who think that the bizarre UFO may have in fact collided with the sun by accident but then there are others who say that the object crashed into the sun intentionally. Some have speculated that this was to refuel by taking energy that is intense away from the surface of the sun.

Paranormal crucible uploaded an image that gave some scale to the strange UFO and revealed that it was around the size of Jupiter. UFOLOGISTS THINK THAT UFOS DRAW POWER FROM THE SUN

NASA has not yet given an explanation for the strange large UFO and people are waiting to hear if they have a natural explanation as to what the object might be. Ufologists have said that there is no doubt that it is of unknown origin and the craft skidded onto the surface of the sun so that it could draw in solar energy. It was said that the craft could have been using the energy of the sun so as to fuel itself or perhaps recharge and it left at high speed. This would mean that the craft is made up of material that is resistant to the surface of the sun.

This does seem to be an incredible sighting and in some ways, the craft does take on a biological appearance. It does seem that extra-terrestrials do have a lot of interest in the sun. Perhaps NASA even knows what the objects are that visit the sun? The craft is certainly large enough to have alien life on-board; in this case, it could be an inter-dimensional world that floats around on which alien life live.