The huge underground city of the ‘Lizard People’ found in Los Angeles

In the year of 1933, in Los Angeles, USA, a mining engineer named Warren Shufelt was inspecting the area in search of deposits of oil, gold and other valuable materials, using a new device he had invented.

Shufelt was extremely perplexed when one day, while taking readings near downtown Los Angeles, his instruments showed him what appeared to be a pattern of tunnels.

He proceeded to draw a map. What he discovered seemed to be a well-planned underground labyrinth, with large rooms located at various points, and gold deposits within the chambers and corridors.

Some of the tunnels traveled 30 kilometers underground, which he believed were only used for ventilation. Unfortunately, Shufelt had no idea that they were connected to the oldest ruins of an even larger city that was covered by the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago during a major earthquake and subsequent flooding.

The underground complex he had discovered was used for emergencies and was only designed to house approximately 5,000 individuals. The food supplies of evergreen herbs were stored in sufficient quantities that would allow the survivors to live underground until they returned to the surface. Personal objects and valuable utensils, as well as historical documents and gold treasures were also introduced into the complex.

During his investigation, he met a Jopi Indian named Chief Small Green Leaf, who told him about the legend of an ancient race of “People Lizard”. The legends say that about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, a huge meteor shower fell on the western coast covering an area hundreds of kilometers wide. The Winslow crater in northern Arizona is just one of the pieces that fell from the sky at that time.

Thousands of inhabitants died, their crops were razed, homes destroyed and forests burned. The survivors of the medical pavilion, who had remained on the west coast, met to make plans to build safe areas.

The sentinels in the sky warned that it was time to enter the shelters and seal the accesses behind them. They were forced to go underground to save themselves from another giant meteor shower that devastated most of the west coast of the United States.

The “Lagarto People” of Los Angeles survived the meteor shower, but were killed by natural gas that leaked into their bunkers.

Shufelt and his partner, the Little Green Leaf Chief, were convinced that the ancient legends and readings of the device created by Shufelt were true.

They decided to obtain a permit to dig a well into the ruins of the underground city. They located a vacant lot, directly above one of the larger rooms. On February 21, 1933, the County Board of Supervisors approved a contract with Warren Shufelt to search for a buried treasure there and he was to share 50% of all the discoveries and treasures with the city of Los Angeles.

Warren Shufelt believed that the labyrinth of tunnels was at least 300 meters deep, with 2.5 square kilometer rooms containing valuable gold treasures in at least 16 places.

The legends say that the main room is the directory to the rest of the city, and to the historical gold tables. These boards were gold plates, 1 meter long and 35 centimeters wide.

It was believed that the tables contained records of the origins of the human race and the history of modern man in the Americas, including details about the history of the mysterious Mayan people. The Shufelt radio wave device mapped the rooms and tunnels as underground holes, with the gold plates as dark areas, showing perfect geometric angles.

Water had seeped into some of the tunnels, and several of the rooms, including the largest, were flooded.

At the beginning of February of 1934, the first stories about the legend of the “Lost Land of the Lizard People” appeared in Los Angeles newspapers. By then, one of the five wells was already more than 100 meters deep and was still being excavated, despite the difficulties caused by the water found in its path.

Several newspaper articles appeared in the newspaper with updates on the project. Shortly after all the media attention was focused on this search for the lost city under Los Angeles, the project was suddenly stopped and abandoned. On March 5, 1934, the wells had been filled and the contract with the city was canceled. Neither gold nor any other treasure was delivered to Los Angeles County or made public.

Many years have passed and many have tried to find these tunnels and rooms under the Angels, but until now they have not been able to be located.

Shufelt, remained in Los Angeles and lived in North Hollywood, where in November 1957 he died and left a story that is still spoken today, along with this memorable map of the Lost Land of the Lizard People.