It’s Huge, Ancient, And Lurks On The Bottom Of The Sea Of Galilee

Scientists are baffled after the discovery of something huge and ancient that is lying on the bed of the Sea of Galilee and it is not a natural formation. Archaeologists from Israel conducted a survey of the seabed in 2003 and found a huge rock monument lying on the seabed.


When they took a closer look at the strange, mysterious shape, they found that the monument was made up of many thousands of stones that had been arranged meticulously in a pyramid that was said to measure up to 230 feet in diameter, stood 39 feet tall and weighed in at 60,000 tons. This meant that the strange formation was around twice the size of Stonehenge and about six times heavier than the Eiffel Tower. The structure, which is said to be circular, was first discovered in 2003 by researchers when they conducted a sonar survey of the Sea of Galilee. Scientists have struggled to narrow down a civilization that could have built the formation as they have said that it is between 2,000 and 12,000 years old. In other words, the scientists know very little about the underwater structure.  IT IS THOUGHT THAT ROCK FORMATION WAS BUILT DRY LAND BEFORE FLOODS
The only thing that scientists believe they do know is that the huge pile of rocks had been built on dry land and then the region was flooded. Scuba divers have been down to the structure to get a better look at it, and they found that it is constructed of basalt boulders which are about 3.2 feet in length. The rocks were said to have been piled up, and they form what seems to be a cairn. Scientists do not know why the huge rock formation was made, but it has been said that it could have been a nursery for fish. There is another theory that the structure is related to European ancient burial sites, while it has also been suggested that perhaps it is a Reverse Atlantis, which will one day rise from under the sea and bring catastrophe with it.

The mysterious huge rock formation was located about 1600 feet from the southwest coast of the Sea of Galilee where many other prehistoric sites have been found close-by. One of these is Bet Yerah, the ancient city which was said to have been in existence over 4,000 years ago.