Hidden Prophecies Inside The Great Pyramid Of Giza Discovered By Scientists.

Much has been written and said about the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. When and how was it created and for what purpose?

The answer to these questions will vary considerably, depending on who you ask. It’s almost like every historian and archaeologist have his or her own version of the Great Pyramid’s ancient history.

According to one theory put forward by Lewis Spence there are hidden prophecies inside the Great Pyramid.

Lewis Spence (1874 – 1955) was a Scottish journalist and occult scholar who wrote several books about Atlantis, lost worlds, secret ancient teaching and ancient mysteries.

Prophecies Discovered Inside The Great Pyramid

In his book, The Symbolic Prophecy Of The Great Pyramid, Spence explained the Giza Pyramid of Giza was deliberately built as a monument of prophecy.

Several experts studied these prophecies and one of the was David Davidson, a structural engineer who after 25 years of study of this mysterious ancient monument became expert on the secret nature of the

Pyramid. The results of Davidson’s investigations were published in his book The Great Pyramid, Its Divine Message in which he illustrates with eighty plates and ninety-seven sheets of archaeological, historical, and astronomical tables, the correctness of the key to the Pyramid prophecies which he discovered.

Our knowledge about the Great Pyramid of Giza is still incomplete.

Other scientists who said they found evidence of prophecies inside the Great Pyramid were John Greaves, professor of astronomy at Oxford, who explored the Pyramid in 1637.

John and Colonel Howard Vyse who spent a personal fortune investigating the subject.

According to Spence, “Sir John Herschel, the famous astronomer, interested himself in the same problem, and his astronomical knowledge enabled him to make many important discoveries regarding the significance of the construction of the Pyramid.

In 1859 John Taylor, a London publisher and eminent mathematician, issued a book wherein he revealed the significance of some of the Pyramid’s dimensions. It was he who revealed an important key in explaining the Polar Diameter Inch in connection with the Pyramid’s dimensions. Prof. Piazzi Smythe, in the years 1864-65, found strong confirmation of Mr. Taylor’s discoveries.

This professor was followed by Sir William Petrie, the renowned archaeologist, who applied new scientific methods in verifying the great structure and compared the Polar Inch to the British inch, thereby furnishing Mr. David Davidson with additional keys.”

Dates Prophesied By The Dimensions

Lewis writes that according scientists who found evidence of prophecies “all of the outstanding events of the history of mankind are plainly indicated in charts and diagrams based upon the measurements, structural lines, dimension keys, and cross-lines within the Pyramid.”

“If the spaces between these crossings are measured in the Pyramid Inch and associated with years and months and days—and in some cases with actual hours—significant dates are obtained, and by their association with the lines that rise upward or pass horizontally or drop vertically, certain significance is given to the prophetic date.

Also the association of these lines of measurement with certain chamber passageways and strange arrangements within the Pyramid help to reveal the nature of the event that was to occur on the date prophesied by the dimensions.”

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The theory that there are hidden prophecies inside the Great Pyramid is intriguing. Could this explain Napoleon Bonaparte’s nightmare vision inside the Great Pyramid?

Napoleon’s strange encounter inside the King’s Chamber is still shrouded in mystery. What horrifying images did Napoleon Bonaparte see when he visited the Great Pyramid in Egypt? Was Napoleon given a vision of the future?