The Gods of Money and their New World Order Project

Let me issue and control the money of a nation and I will not care who writes the laws.
– Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of the Rothschilds

Perhaps the most important thing to know about power in the world today is that most nations have no control over their own currencies. Instead private property, for-profit central banks – such as the US Federal Reserve System – create money from nothing and then lend it with interest to their respective governments. It is a very profitable scam, but that is not the worst of all.

Not only do central banks have the power to create money for free, they also have the power to set interest rates, to decide how much credit will be issued, and to decide how much money is put into circulation. With this power, central banks can – and do – orchestrate boom-bust cycles, allowing super-rich bank owners to take advantage of investments during booms and buy bargain-priced assets during busts. And this is not yet the whole story.

The most profitable of all the activities of the central banks has been the financing of great wars, especially the two world wars. When nations engage in war, with their survival at stake, governments stretch their resources to the limit in the contest to prevail. The struggle to get more funding becomes as important as the competition on the battlefield. Lenders love a desperate borrower, and great fortunes have been made by extending credit to both sides in conflicts: the longer a war lasts, the more profits for central banks.

Centralized wealth leads to centralized energy

Some of the most important men in the United States are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere, so organized, so subtle, so observant, so intertwined, so complete, so penetrating that it is better not to speak over their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.
– Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), 28th President of the United States

Our political systems, based on parties competing to be elected, are inherently prone to corruption. Just as the struggle for funding is important in military campaigns, it is also important in political campaigns. Rich donors are able to obtain special treatment when it comes to legislation and regulations that affect their commercial interests. This type of corruption, however, is only the tip of the iceberg.

The most effective way for wealth to translate into power is through the placement of agents – individuals loyal to rich sponsors – in positions of influence and power. For example, when the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers joined forces to establish the Federal Reserve, they recruited an unknown professor, Woodrow Wilson, promised to make him President and secured a promise of return that the Federal Reserve bill would sign when it arrived. the moment. With his influence over the party bosses, his control of the press and the unlimited funding, they were able to get Wilson elected. It is possible that he later repented of his pact with the devil, as suggested in the previous quote.

A more modern example is Obama, who in 2009 was commissioned by Henry Kissinger (a key agent of the Rockefellers) to create a “new world order”. Like Wilson, Obama appeared out of nowhere in politics, was shot at the Presidency, and has shown his loyalty in office. In the case of Obama, this promptly involved the delivery of the White House to the agents-president of the Central Bank of Wall Street – Timothy Geithner and his friends. They make politics, Obama makes speeches.

This kind of thing has been going on for centuries, first in Europe and then in the US. What started as the placement of a few key agents has evolved over time. What we have now is an international network of control, with key agents placed in political parties, in governments and their agencies, in the media, on boards of directors, in intelligence and military services. At the center of the network are the central banking dynasties – the Gods of Money – that remain mostly behind the scenes, pulling the strings of real power.

The Engineering of the Transformation

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.
– Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), 32nd President of the United States

Have you ever dreamed of what you would do if you had wealth and power? For some, the answer could be a life of leisure and pleasure, but for many their thoughts would change the world again, creating a “better” world. An emblematic example would be Bill Gates, who prefers to use most of his fortune to make changes in the world – especially with the reduction of population – devoting himself to accumulate more wealth still.

The Gods of Money are like that. They have had wealth and power, in great excess, for generations, and unlike you and me, they can do more than just daydream. The business in which they have participated in the last couple of centuries has not been to accumulate more wealth, rather it has been to transform the world into a kind of private fiefdom. They have been accomplishing this in a series of transformation projects on a global scale. What is known as “The New World Order” is simply the last of this series of projects.

The Great America Project: An Ideal Operations Base

When the American colonies gained independence from Britain, a new nation was created, which clearly had the potential to become a truly great world power. A huge continent, bigger than all of Europe, and with immense resources, was available to be conquered and exploited. If the Rothschilds took control of America, they could use it as a base of operations to consolidate their power worldwide.

During the 1800s, the United States grew into a formidable industrial power. We associate this rise to power with names like Carnegie, Mellon, JP Morgan and Rockefeller, who came to be known as the “thieving barons”. However, it was Rothschild’s money, and the banks, which played the most important role in financing this industrialization project linked to the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds were carefully preparing their future base of operations. JD Rockefeller was the greatest of robber barons, and he was able to join the pantheon of the Gods of Money in roughly equal terms with the Rothschilds.

With USA Established as a great industrial power, the next step was for the Gods of Money to take firm control of this giant that they helped create.
As described above, this was achieved with the usual manipulations behind the scenes by creating the Federal Reserve in 1913.

The Project of the First World War

The next step was to confront the European powers against each other. With the backing of the Rothschilds, as described in the book Hidden History (see box on page 14 of this issue of New Dawn), a secret group of British elites designed the “Great War” with Germany, whose industry and power financial began to eclipse that of the British Empire. The intention of the cabal was to preserve British supremacy. The Gods of Money, however, were playing a deeper game. Germany lost the war, but it was the USA who emerged as the main beneficiary, not Great Britain.

While the European powers were running out of steam in the war, the United States was providing them with the means to do so, and the supplies were being paid for by loans from the new Federal Reserve – which had been created just in time for that purpose. When the war ended, the European powers owed astronomical sums to the US, and the US. it had considerably expanded its industrial capacity in the process of supplying war material.

Before the war, the United States, Great Britain and Germany were more or less on par as industrial powers. With only a negligible military participation, the US He came out of the war by far, the greatest industrial power and the richest nation in the world as well. But the USA It was just one great power among many. It did not have a world-class fleet nor did it have a world-class army.

The Experiments Fascism and Communism

The Great Project of the Gods of Money has always been, as mentioned above, to transform the world into its own private fiefdom. With their Great America project they were building the geopolitical power base that would be necessary to achieve that goal. But there remained the question of how they would rule their fief once it was achieved. They want to have absolute control of the population, and they wanted to experiment with different ways of exercising that control.

They saw their first opportunity to experiment with the revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin. The Czarist regime in Russia was weakening, and had been forced, by the Revolution of 1905, to implement meaningful reforms. Weakened further by early defeats in World War I, a second communist revolution had every chance of success. There was a danger, however, the second revolution would lead to a democratic form of socialism, which would not be the kind of regime that the Gods of Money wanted for their eventual fiefdom.

They saw in Lenin and Trotsky autocratic leaders with ideas that suited their purposes. They managed to get Lenin transported from Switzerland and Trotsky from New York – as well as to St. Petersburg – where they created the Bolshevik faction and took control of the revolutionary aftermath. Later, the Gods of Money financed the development of the Soviet Union, and thus they began an experiment with an autocratic regime based on collectivist values.

The Gods of Money saw their second chance to experiment with the ideas of the superb charismatic Adolf Hitler. When Hitler was arrested for leading the Putsch in Munich in 1923, they managed to provide him with a comfortable existence in prison where he was able to develop his ideas in his magnum opus, Mein Kampf, which articulated a manifesto proponent, among others. things, look for Lebensraum and enslave the Slavs. Hitler’s ideas centered around nationalism, expansionism, eugenics, genocide and brutal methods of population control.

If Hitler came to power in Germany, he would give the opportunity to experiment with a very different kind of autocratic regime. In addition, because of his expansionist ideas and his hatred for communism, he would provide the means to carry out another project in the geopolitical transformation, a second Great War. Hitler was also attractive to the German elites, who saw in him an opportunity to restore Germany as a great power.

The rest, as they say, is history. By engineering the economic collapse of the Weimar Republic, and by other means, Hitler was in fact helped to get into power in Germany. However, he was not a pawn and much of his hatred, due in part to the fact that the Rothschilds are Jews, pointed to the same Money Gods, whom he referred to as the “Gnomes of Zurich”. That hatred did not detract from the Nazi experiment of the Gods of Money.

The Project of the Second World War

If we see that Germany is winning we should help Russia and if Russia is winning we must help Germany and in that way let them kill each other as much as possible.
– Harry S. Truman (1884-1972), 33rd President of the United States, NY Times, June 24, 1941

The next step in the Great America project was to face all the other great powers against each other, on a larger scale than in the first Great War. This time, however, the USA He was going to play an important military role, so that he could emerge from the war not only as a great power, but as the first global superpower in the world. An important military role, yes, but a high level of leverage, US he suffered insignificant casualties compared to the astronomical casualties of most other fighters.

From their secure American base of operations, the Gods of Money helped to organize the rearmament of Germany and the rapid rise of Japan as a modern industrial and military power, while continuing to support the development of the Soviet Union. In this way, as they say, the ducks were lined up in a row. Then, the USA he feigned benevolent neutrality and watched while Japan fought against China, and Germany faced the Soviet Union.

The United States took its time and waited for the most opportune moment to join the fray. When the time came, USA He systematically provoked Japan, and made no attempt to defend himself against the Pearl Harbor attack, even though Roosevelt knew the exact time at which the attack was to occur. The American people were strongly against entering the war, and Pearl Harbor, as planned, instantly transformed public opinion, making the US He entered the war with the overwhelming support of his people. A “Day of Infamy” in fact, but both Roosevelt’s and Japan’s.

Once again, the rest is history. At the end of the US war it had 40% of the wealth and industrial capacity of the world, the domination of the seven seas, permanent military bases scattered all over the world, and the monopoly of nuclear weapons. Every other great power was in rubble and drowned in debt, according to plan. With USA Established as the world’s first superpower, the Gods of Money set out to create a postwar world order to be dominated by the United States.

The Postwar Regime: Establish the Basis of a Globalist State

In 1944, an international conference was convened at Bretton Woods, which established new globalist institutions, including the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, according to a design that had been drawn up during the war by the Gods of Money. of the Council of Foreign Relations. Under the pretext of establishing a regime of peace and stability in the world, the United States managed to get the other Western powers weakened militarily. For its part, the USA He maintained and expanded his military strength.

Whereas the Nazi experiment was ended by the war, the Soviet Union survived as a Great Power. As the main ally of America in times of war and taking into account the harmonious professed intentions of the Bretton Woods system, the Soviets wanted a peaceful coexistence with the West, despite their great ideological differences. This should not be so, since it did not fit into the plans of the Money Gods, who continued with their Great Project of global domination.

America and Britain, both firmly under the control of the Gods of Money, invented the myth of a “communist threat” and proclaimed the Cold War, which served several purposes. In the first place, it was accompanied by a policy of containment, whose objective was to prevent the Soviets and their Chinese ideological cousins ​​from participating in the post-war economic boom and also in the inhibition of nations such as Korea and Vietnam, from the election to follow a socialist road. Second, the Cold War provided an excuse for the United States to continue expanding its military and interventionist programs.

The Collective Imperialism Project

With the United States as a superpower without restrictions, a Pax Americana regime prevailed in what is euphemistically called the ‘Free World’. Without the need to defend their separate empires, the former great European powers were able to participate together with America in a great program of neo-imperialism. This resulted in the greatest period of economic growth the world had ever seen.

Expected growth became the norm, any episode of non-growth was considered an aberration. The expectation of growth became a structural part of the national economies, leading to the routine financing of the deficit, public indebtedness, and the increase of national debts – contracted with central banks. There was no plan B: if growth faltered – an episode of the terrible recession – the only recourse was to borrow even more, if an economy should continue to function.

The boom in post-war growth led to unprecedented prosperity throughout the West, as well as in Japan, which in the post-war era could be considered part of the West. In addition, extensive social reform programs were introduced, such as the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, and even more far-reaching provisions relating to the welfare state throughout Western Europe.

Partly because of the dissolution of traditional empires and partly because of social reform measures, in the post-war world there was a sense that democratic values ​​were increasing. Governments were being more sensitive to the needs and desires of the people. The values ​​of the illustration of personal freedom and the rights of citizens were enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN. It seemed as if a new golden age of democracy and improvement of social conditions had arrived.

Economic stability, more lasting economic growth, along with peace guaranteed by a benevolent Uncle Sam: how sweet it was! With their post-war regime the Gods of Money had seduced the ‘Free World’ in a dependency bubble. The UN Charter guaranteed the principle of national sovereignty, and nobody (except for: Charles de Gaulle) seemed to realize that when someone else is guaranteeing their sovereignty, they no longer have sovereignty. Growth became the new opium of the people, and no one seemed to realize that eternal growth on a finite planet is a mathematical impossibility.

With the majority of the world voluntarily tied to a dependency belt of the American leadership and with the United States firmly under the thumb of the Federal Reserve, the Gods of Money could proceed to lead the world on a path of roses towards total subjugation.

The Global Destabilization Project: Nixon and the Reference Model

For almost 30 years, from 1944 to 1971, the Bretton Woods system worked more or less as advertised. The dollar was linked to gold, with other currencies linked to the dollar, providing the promised financial stability. The growth continued, providing the expected prosperity and the increase in living standards. However, with the USA involved in a costly and impossible war to win in Vietnam, the US economy was beginning to fail. In 1971, in order to continue financing the war, Nixon took out the gold standard dollar.

The Cold War project had provided the opportunity to abandon the stability project. Currency values ​​could now fluctuate, which allowed monetary speculation, and the introduction of uncertainty in the valuation of international transactions. There was not much damage at first, but one of the pillars of financial stability had been eliminated. Today, only a small percentage of currency transactions have to do with the real economy, and the rest is unbridled and destabilizing speculation.

In 1980, the Money Gods moved their destabilization project at a faster rate. They managed to get their agents, Reagan and Thatcher, to assume leadership in the United States and the United Kingdom, and the media launched a propaganda campaign to reintroduce the long-discredited doctrine of the laissez-faire economy, which had created the terrible Dickens conditions of the Victorian era.

Based on a fraudulent economic analysis promulgated by Milton Friedman’s Chicago School of Economics, the claim was made that reducing taxes and corporate regulations would lead to a stronger economy and the benefits would go to everyone, including even government budgets. . The charismatic Ronald Reagan spoke of “taking the government from our backs”, and proclaimed that “the government is not the solution, it is the problem”.

Of course there is much truth in those words, but the increase in corporate power at the expense of government power was not at all a path to prosperity or personal freedom. Some may have wondered how having a career as a film actor and TV advertiser can be someone qualified to be president, but the mystery vanishes when one realizes that the President’s main job was to lie convincingly to a gullible audience , in support of the programs of the Gods of Money.

Along with the reduction of taxes and regulations, the new economic policies included encouraged companies to move their operations to low-wage countries, which led to the deindustrialization of America and Great Britain. The Bretton Woods regime was being systematically undermined, thus ensuring the decline of stability and prosperity.

The Project of the European Union

The populations of continental Western Europe, having experienced in their own portals the ravages of fascism and war, were less vulnerable to the kind of easy propaganda that was so successful with the most protected populations of Britain and the United States. A more nuanced campaign was needed to destabilize continental Europe.

The propaganda campaign to sell the Treaty of Maastricht did not speak of “taking the government from our backs”, which would not have gone very well in those economies, where the welfare state was both popular and successful. Instead, it was argued that a European Union would put Europe on par with the powerful US, and it was even claimed that the EU was necessary to prevent future wars between European powers.

The reality of the EU is that Europe was delivered directly into the hands of the Gods of Money. Unlike the European nations themselves, which are governed by elected parliaments and prime ministers, the Brussels regime is dominated by the European Commission, which is unchosen and which the Gods of Money can easily arrange to be served by their own agents. selected.

A central part of the pro-EU propaganda campaign had been promises about “subsidiarity” – the decisions were supposed to be made at the lowest possible level, depending on the issues involved: without having to fear the loss of sovereignty. Brussels should take decisions only on matters that affect the EU as a whole. Once the EU was established, however, the term subsidiarity began to disappear from its use, and over time, more and more power has been shifted from national governments to Brussels. Today, all aspects of life in the European Union are affected by reams of illegible EU regulations.

The last nail in the coffin of European national sovereignty, and financial stability, came with the adoption of the euro in 1999. Without the ability to control their own currencies, nations had no real control over their financial viability. Today the madness of a common currency, among nations with very different economic circumstances, is well covered in the financial press. But the truth of this madness was there from the beginning, and the Gods of Money were well aware of it.

The Neoliberal Project and the Globalization of Poverty

In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed by the United States, Canada and Mexico. This treaty undermined the economies and sovereignty of the three countries. Under the pretext of “free trade,” he actually tried to empower corporations at the expense of nations – the Reagan-Thatcher revolution on steroids. Under such treaties corporations have the right to sue governments if regulations undermine corporate profits. Consumer safety, environmental protection, and workers’ rights are of little concern to the corporately controlled World Trade Organization (WTO) that rules on such demands. Since then a series of similar “free trade area” treaties have been pursued involving various combinations of nations.

The Neoliberal Project was in full swing in 1995, with the establishment of the World Trade Organization, replacing the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). The WTO immediately launched a systematic campaign to increase the power of companies, through ‘free trade’ agreements that are mandatory for all WTO members, including of course the EU. The overall effect of the Neoliberal Project has been to lower the standard of living, undermine national sovereignty, destabilize national finances, and generally destroy everything that the Bretton Woods system was meant to protect.

In the so-called “third world,” particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, the ravages of the Neoliberal Project have been further widened by the actions of the IMF and other means – as John Perkins documents in Confessions of an Economic Killer. Governments are encouraged or forced to assume debts that do not have repayment capacity. When governments turn to the IMF for relief, additional loans are granted, but are taxed by draconian conditions. Governments are forced to cut back on social services, and are forced to sell domestic assets, such as water rights at bargain prices to corporations. It becomes illegal for people, to give an example of what draconian means, to collect water from rain, since it is considered a robbery to corporations that have purchased the nation’s water rights. By such means poverty has been systematically created wherever the IMF has managed to get its grip.

Destabilizing Values ​​of the Enlightenment: The ‘War on Terror’

On September 11, 2001, the Gods of Money organized the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, and they also managed to blame an imaginary al Qaeda conspiracy to ‘destroy our freedoms’. In fact our liberties have been destroyed – not by Al Qaeda, but by the Money Gods themselves.

The Gods of Money applied a lesson learned from the Nazi experience: the demolition of the World Trade Center was a repetition of the Reichstag fire, which was also a ‘false flag’ event, in which case they blamed a “communist conspiracy”. Just as after the Reichstag fire was followed by the Enabling Law of the Nazis, 9/11 was followed by the Patriot Act. Both laws destroyed all the constitutional guarantees of civil liberties, leading in both cases to the concentration camps, the legitimization of torture, indefinite detention without legal recourse and the establishment of police state regimes that are not accountable to anyone.

Partly due to the psychological impact of 9/11 and the hidden influence of the Money Gods, and partly due to additional false flag events (eg, the 7-J bombings in London) governments around the world have implemented an ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation that seriously undermines civil liberties that had long been considered sacrosanct.

In addition to allowing the internal reduction of civil liberties, the ‘War on Terror’ also became an excuse for military interventionism – an excuse among many. In addition, we have seen the emergence of “humanitarian” interventions and the fabrication of excuses as “weapons of mass destruction” that do not exist. Such excuses allowed the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.

Another interventionist tactic used, for example in Kosovo and Libya, has been the recruitment of mercenary terrorists to play the role of “fighters for national freedom”. This then provides a pretext for “humanitarian” interventions. In the case of Syria, the mercenary terrorists have been themselves the main means of destabilization. One can not keep up with all interventions. In Africa, the USA they have created AFRICOM, a military command established to facilitate interventions and destabilization of all of Africa.

One can identify geopolitical and economic reasons for these various interventions, such as the control of energy and mineral resources. However, from a general perspective, the general effect has been to undermine the principle of national sovereignty and also to create a large number of ‘failed states’.

Transforming the Economy – Controlled Demolition of Capitalism

As mentioned earlier, economic growth can not continue forever on a finite planet. It is evident that the paradigm of capitalism / growth must come to an end sooner or later. Based on these facts, many analysts have been predicting the collapse of civilization. Some even see this as something good, an opportunity to build a new society from scratch.

These analysts either do not understand the extent to which power is centralized in today’s world, or assume that those who have power are blind and stupid; The Gods of Money are not. They have been planning the successor of the growth paradigm since the creation of the Club of Rome in 1968, if not before. Instead of letting capitalism collapse on its own, they have organized a controlled collapse, so that they can forge a result of their own choice.

The financial collapse of 2008 did not happen by accident; It was a project designed by the Gods of Money. There will be no recovery from collapse because there is no intention of recovery. Instead of an economy based on the activity of the market, we will have a micro-economy managed worldwide, as presaged by the wide deployment of ‘smart meters’. The lessons learned in the Soviet experiment have to be applied worldwide.

The foundation for the 2008 collapse project was the establishment of the ‘market-prices’ rule, also known as Basel II. This was an edict of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central bank of central banks, based in Basel, Switzerland. This rule requires banks to value their assets according to what could be sold immediately in the markets.

Which means that a temporary drop in some asset value deflates the value of all the related assets. This worries little in rising markets, but in any kind of serious crisis it can cause a bank to become insolvent unnecessarily. Markets fluctuate and banks routinely bear the bumps in values. The ‘market-price’ rule means that a survival market shock can turn into a derailment: a time bomb was placed in the global financial system.

With this bomb in place, the stage was ready for the demolition project. The first step, organized by Wall Street agents of the Gods of Money, was the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in the US. This gave Wall Street the freedom it needs to continue with the rest of the project. Then, the credit lines worldwide opened, creating all kinds of loans that could never be reimbursed, especially in the United States real estate market. Those bad mortgages were grouped into derivatives, and a fictitious insurance was attached so that derivatives could be given a triple-A rating. These toxic derivatives were aggressively marketed in global markets.

A housing bubble had been created; the toxic derivatives diversified the risk throughout the banking system, and the time bomb ensured that when the bubble burst the banking system would be insolvent. In 2008, the bubble burst and the planned insolvencies followed immediately. But that was not the worst of all.

If a bank, or any business, is declared insolvent, the most sensible thing is to put the business in suspension of payments and make arrangements for an orderly disposition of its assets and liabilities. What this means in the case of an insolvent bank, is that the bank can be closed on a Friday and re-open on Monday under state ownership. Bad loans can be delivered to unsecured creditors and normal banking operations can be resumed. The bank can be operated by the state, or it can be sold again in the private sector.

As if this well-known orderly procedure did not exist, the Gods of Money were able to enact an absurd doctrine called “too big to fail”. In order to help facilitate this scam, compliant officials and the media claimed that the banks were not suffering from insolvency, but that it was only a temporary liquidity crisis. Based on this lie, an insane program of bank rescues was launched. Because the banks were insolvent, governments could not fulfill their ransom obligations assumed fraudulently. Since ransom payments were required, governments were forced to borrow to meet them. The Gods of Money now had governments exactly where they wanted.

The result, as planned, was the transformation of bank insolvency into government insolvency. Governments have their loans needed, but with onerous conditions – the same kind of conditions that the IMF had set for loans from ‘third world’ countries for decades. Instead of banks in suspension of payments, governments were forced to suspend payments, beginning with those with the highest bailout exposure – Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

The Gods of Money sent their agents (troikas) to these countries, taking control of national budgets. An austerity regime was decreed, ensuring that there can be no economic recovery, and a massive sale of domestic assets began – at bargain prices. Countries like France and Germany have been economically strong enough to survive the initial assault, but as the global economy continues to deteriorate they will also be finally dragged into the insolvency trap. The more they try to save the Eurozone, the more submerged in debt they will be. The USA. He is already indebted above his head, partly because of financial bailouts, and partly for his own reasons, such as military over-expansion.

The following scenario is being created throughout the West: instead of sovereign nations operating according to market forces, we will have nations that will be owned by the Gods of Money, which operate based on the budgets assigned by the central banks. The goal of the central government has been in practice achieved through debt, and a regime of economic micro-management will also be achieved, as has already occurred in the weakest economies.

The Final Phase – De-Americanization and Strengthening of the United Nations

The crisis of the Persian Gulf is a rare opportunity to forge new bonds with old enemies (the Soviet Union) … Outside of these difficult times a New World Order may arise by virtue of a United Nations that performs as foreseen by its founders.
– President of the United States, George Bush Sr., State of the Union, January 29, 1991

In the context of multiple interventions, wars, air strikes, etc., the United States generally with the help of the United Kingdom, to which it usually devotes itself – with little or no concern for international law, public opinion or the consequences for the population civil – it was very surprising that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron and then US President Obama abandoned their promise to respond to Obama’s “Red Line” on the alleged use of Syrian chemical weapons, by referring the matter to Parliament and to the Congress, where all the votes were “NO”, but determined to follow.

Not everyone immediately recognized that a momentous change was signaled by this unprecedented retreat, but the magnitude of the displacement soon became apparent to all when subsequent events began to unfold. The first notable follow-up event was the sudden rise to the diplomatic prominence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was even overshadowed by the announcement from Washington and Iran were going to get involved in what sounds like a very promising thing in the face of negotiations on the nuclear issue, to the extreme displeasure of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who until then seemed to be the tail that moves the American dog in the Middle East.

Such transcendental changes on a global scale do not occur by accident, as we have seen in our whirlwind review of two centuries of history. These events must be interpreted in the context of the Money Gods agenda, and in particular with their Great Project, to transform the world into their own private fiefdom. They have ‘cleared the place of construction’ by destabilizing the world in many ways described above, and have already begun to micromanage national budgets. The time has come, apparently, to move forward with the formal installation of his New World Order. Not by force, but by popular acclaim.

The Sudden Emergence of Putin as a World Leader

There has been a struggle for some time between the US, on the one hand, and Russia, China and the BRICS nations on the other, as regards the will of the latter of a multipolar world instead of a dominated unipolar world. for the United States. The persistence of the dollar as a reserve currency and American exceptionalism in general, have been a cause for serious concern, and the US He has always been jealous to monitor what he has seen as his legitimate prerogatives.

In the cases of Syria and Iran, for example, Putin’s call to sanity and others were ignored, or responded with traditional American arrogance. Suddenly, all that has changed. Putin, in particular, has been elevated to the status of a respected world leader, and it would have been inconceivable until very recently. he left Russia in charge of dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons. Putin has not changed his tone or style; who is saying the same things that he has always been saying. What has changed is that he is not being rejected by Washington. The global media, controlled of course by the Gods of Money, now star in almost heroic terms. Multipolarism has become a reality overnight.


American interventionism and outrage against it, of course, is nothing new. But especially since 9/11, such episodes have become increasingly dangerous. With threats of war against Iran, with a ‘pivot to the East’ aimed at China, and other recent movements, it seemed that we were approaching a situation that could even provoke a total nuclear confrontation on a global scale – the fulfillment of the sinister ‘Project for a New American Century. ‘

The world, as we have been seeing in media reports since the retraction of the “red line”, is more than ready to embrace the De-Americanization. The American leadership, very well received after the Second World War, has long passed. You can almost hear a sigh of relief as you read some of the experts’ optimistic words. And who would not be relieved by the turn of events we have seen since Washington seems to be no longer making all the decisions? When Obama speaks, we usually hear the rhetoric of a politician; When Putin speaks, we listen to the reasoned words of a shrewd statesman.

The Strengthening of the UN

Paternity [should] be a punishable crime against society, unless the parents have a government license … All potential parents [should] be required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government providing antidotes to citizens elected for paternity.
– David Brower, first Executive Director of the Sierra Club

It does not take much imagination to see where these events are headed. Diplomacy is taking center stage and new voices are heard in the discourse of the “international community”. Expectations are growing that the tensions that have existed for a long time and the latent crises can finally be resolved. When the real results begin to feed on these expectations, as will happen when the crisis in Iran is resolved and when the media begins to tell the truth, what amounts to a public protest that will take this progress forward, to ensure that reason and diplomacy become the norm in international relations.

Outside the crisis created by American exceptionalism, we will be treated with a ‘solution’ – putting our teeth in the United Nations (UN) process. No more American vetoes in defiance of global sentiment! No more American (or Israeli) military adventurism! Let the UN do the work for which it was designed, we will listen, to provide a forum where the issues can really be resolved and have the capacity to carry out the resulting decisions on the ground. A ‘reformed’ UN will not be called a world government, but the types of powers granted by the “reforms” will be the same. The word subsidiarity may emerge again, if necessary, to silence dissenting voices, but as with such EU guarantees it would make no sense.

It is important to note that these latest developments and changes are in the field of geopolitics. In this drive towards a centralized government, all attention is being focused on questions of war and peace. Everyone presumably wants peace and stability among nations. We are being offered an attractive wooden horse called peace, but we are not hearing much about what is inside the horse. Be careful with the elites who bring gifts.

In fact we know quite a bit about what the horse carries, but here there is only room for one or two examples. Agenda 21 is one of the most terrifying pieces that the horse carries. This program begins with legitimate concerns about sustainability and transforms them into a Green Monster that aims to micromanage every aspect of our lives, to the point that it makes the old Soviet regime look almost like a free company in comparison. Anyone not familiar with Program 21 would do well to do an investigation.

In the area of ​​international relations there are some alarming indicators, particularly with regard to drone attacks. One could hope that those diabolical machines were completely forbidden if we are moving towards a more harmonious world. But no, since the UN is considering the drone issue and wants to establish some kind of classification system to distinguish good attacks from bad ones.

Which brings us to the question of ‘terrorism’. As I mentioned earlier and the evidence is really decisive, much of what is called ‘terrorism’ is actually false flag operations, or acts of mercenaries working for Western intelligence agencies, in the search for some destabilization or regime – change project. If the claim is to continue – in our world based on diplomacy – that all this ‘terrorism’ is real and that civil liberties must continue to be sacrificed, then our wooden horse is not as attractive as it might at first appear.

There are two things we can be sure will come in relation to our wooden horse. First, the UN will end up micro-managing society, through unaccountable bureaucracies, such as the IMF, the IPCC, WHO, etc. Secondly, with so many of our traditional systems intentionally destabilized, we can expect to be given a ‘solution’ that will be, in terms of a new cultural and economic paradigm.