Footage of possible “Real alien found on the dark web”

Dark Web? The hoax footage was first shown in 2008.

ALIEN truth seekers have been left gobsmacked by claims that video footage of a possible real extraterrestrial being experimented on has been found on the “dark web”.

YouTube UFO and conspiracy theory channels have been airing the video that was reportedly filmed in 1992 in Eiger, Switzerland, and shows what appears to be a body with an alien-like over-sized head, large eyes, small, spindly arms, and torso – much like the stereotypical image of an alien.

One picture of the being shows the body propped up by what appears to be an electrical wire, with another showing a group of scientists seemingly examining the body.

The footage was posted this week by UFO channel UFO Today, which described it as an extra-terrestrial biological entity (EBE), amid claims it was filmed in a hurry” in “clandestine circumstances”.

The channel also claimed to have found the footage “on a server on the dark web” – part of the internet which contains details of many illegal and hidden activities, and is not indexed by search engines.

It was reported by rival media that it was the first time the footage has been made public.

Brett and Blake Cousins re-posted the video on their Thirdphaseofmoon channel, and it was also shared by Secureteam10.

Thousands of people have viewed the hoax in the hope that it may be genuine evidence of aliens.

One YouTube user wrote: “This looks authentic to me. “The arm and finger length are very abnormal.”

Another added: “It looks like a real alien.”

Scott Brando, who runs debunking website exposed the repeat hoax on Twitter.

He accused the YouTubers of “re-sharing an old hoax”.

He tweeted: “Footage from 1992 of alien body in Switzerland found on dark web?

“The exhibit is behind a glass pane. The emergency workers are wax models. They don’t move.”

A spokesman said: “The footage I published on my channel is indeed from the dark web.

“Museum exhibit? These are video images of still photographs. This video was recorded from still images from a tv monitor. I would love to see the museum that has the budget to create such elaborate settings.

“The origin of this video and the scene it depicts remain a mystery.

“If it were a museum exhibit, the objects in the scene would have had motion parallax. That means that objects that are closer appear to move faster than objects that are further.

“Because these are still images, there is no motion parallex, hence the still images.”